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Suitability: Ensuring Comfort Underwater

By: Jeff In order to fully enjoy your time underwater, you need to be comfortable. We all know this as divers, but figuring out exactly how to make that happen for us individually can be somewhat of a challenge.  Here at Blue Planet, I get […]

The Next Wave Of Entry-level Dive Computers

Every year we see our tech gadgets evolving by leaps and bounds. Dive computers are no exception. Some of the features offered in today's entry-level dive computers were reserved for only the most expensive computers just a few years ago. Features such as color LCD […]

The 2020 Dive Gift Guide Is Here!

As the New Year rapidly approaches we are beginning to look hopefully look towards more diving ahead! To celebrate the brighter times ahead this holiday season we have put together a gift guide with all of the things you or your favorite diver would love […]