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PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY Learn to look like the pros underwater!

The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course

Scuba divers like to be neutrally buoyant so they neither sink to the sand nor float to the surface. It's a tricky thing. Divers who’ve mastered the highest performance levels in buoyancy stand apart. You’ve seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover, almost as if by thought. Best of all, they never crash into, bump, or damage any of the dive site. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course refines the basic skills you learned as a PADI Open Water Diver and elevates them to the next level.

The Fun Part

The fun part of this course is giving your dive skills a polish you may not have thought possible.

What You Learn

  • How to trim your scuba gear so you’re perfectly positioned in the water
  • Nuances in determning weight so you better understand the concepts
  • How to streamline equipment to save air and move smoothly through the water
  • How to hover effortlessly in various positions

You put this information into practice during two open water dives.


  • PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver (or hold a qualifying certification from another training organization) or enrolled in PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver course
  • 10 years or older

The Scuba Gear You Use

You use all your basic scuba gear!



Below, you will find the paperwork necessary to begin this course. Please either drop off or email us a completed copy as soon as possible. We will need to review this prior to the start of your class.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver Paperwork

Medical Statement Paperwork



The cost of the course is $235 and includes the eLearning, and the 2 open water dives, with tanks and weights. Rental gear, scuba park entrance fees, overnight accommodations, travel and meals are not included. We’ll send you the eLearning once you sign up!

We schedule these sessions based on your availability and the instructor's, and can run them on some trips.  Contact us to schedule a class!


Your Next Adventure

Part of mastering buoyancy control is learning how to use your BCD and weight system effectively, plus maintain streamlining. This makes the PADI Equipment Specialist course a natural companion, because you learn more about these pieces of gear and how to make them suit your specific diving styles.