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Divers collecting debris

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping people connect to the life in our oceans and foster awareness of the threats facing this globally essential ecosystem. Blue Planet works closely with environmental organizations and local communities to foster sustainability. We recognize that our oceans are being ravaged by pollution, coastal development, over-fishing and global warming and believe that active, informed divers can help restore the health of our planet’s ocean.

Divers are in a unique position; we witness firsthand the devastating effects of pollution, climate change, and overfishing. We therefore have a responsibility to speak out and take action to stop the damage when possible and follow safe, responsible diving practices.

Join us by taking action, attending our event series, or taking a Project AWARE class.


Our Initiatives

Balancing Our Carbon Footprint

Blue Planet has partnered with TerraPass to sponsor clean energy and carbon reduction projects that result in a verified, measurable reduction in carbon emissions.

Carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of global warming, are an inevitable consequence of energy use. Every time an individual or organization uses electricity for lighting, fuel for transport, etc., additional carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. The effects on our oceans are already being felt.

That’s why every Blue Planet Trip includes offsets for the air travel and lodging — to do a little more of our part for the planet.


Rock Creek Conservancy Stream Team 

We have joined with the Rock Creek Conservancy to adopt a section of the creek and keep it clean and healthy! We hold regular cleanups to remove debris that could make an impact on the local environment and make its way to the Potomac River, the Chesapeake Bay and ultimately the ocean. Interested in volunteering? Learn more here.


100% AWARE - Support Project AWARE

Blue Planet is proud to support the important work of Project AWARE as a 100% AWARE dive center. That means we support a clean, healthy ocean by making a donation on behalf of each of our students to Project AWARE. That means each of our students will receive the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card and be part of a movement of divers protecting our ocean planet.


PADI Green Star Award

We are also one of the first dive shops to earn the PADI Green Star Award. PADI Green Star recipients are dive shops and resorts who demonstrate a dedication to conservation across a wide range of business functions, including water and energy conservation, waste reduction, and the promotion of conservation efforts.


Green Fins 

We are proud to be a Green Fins member- meaning our business helps protect the world’s reefs by following a set of environmental guidelines to promote sustainable diving and snorkeling. Planning a dive trip and want to find other Green Fin dive shops to support? Check out their website to find member organizations all over the world.  


PADI Eco Center

Blue Planet is a proud PADI Eco Center. This title is granted to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that demonstrate a dedication to conservation and dive industry sustainability . Each PADI Eco Center is actively promoting marine biodiversity and community resilience by addressing our ocean's global challenges. PADI Eco Centers create opportunities for all to engage in direct conservation action including citizen science, policy advocacy, and education.


REEF Conservation Partner

Blue Planet has been a REEF Conservation Partner since 2018- meaning we serve as vital sponsors of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation's programs, as well as centers for marine conservation actions, outreach, and education.