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We're a different kind of dive shop.

Aimed at providing the best education and travel experiences to divers in the Washington, DC area while harnessing the excitement and adventure of scuba to help protect the ocean.

We go beyond providing scuba certifications: we meet each student’s needs with personalized, flexible instruction that fits into busy schedules.

We are committed to connecting people to the life in the ocean and fostering awareness of the threats facing essential water ecosystems. We work closely with environmental organizations and local communities to foster sustainability. We recognize that the ocean is being ravaged by pollution, coastal development, and global warming, and we believe that active, informed divers can help restore the health of our planet's ocean.

What's different about learning to dive with us?

Small Classes

We offer small classes with no more than 10 students that allow you to learn diving as quickly or as slowly as you need and give you time to practice until you truly master each skill. We provide multiple dive professionals in each session so students can receive individualized attention in a group setting.


We build classes around your schedule. You can choose to do the academics online or via independent study at times that work for you. All of our classes are in DC and are Metro accessible.

High Quality Education

We're a small, independent operation focused on education. We promise you'll have a great experience no matter your learning style or level of comfort in the water.

Commitment to our Blue Planet

Every student at Blue Planet will receive education in not just the basics of diving, but the ecosystems in which we will be diving. We believe by teaching our students about marine life in the ocean and helping our community dive sustainably, we can help restore the health of the ocean.