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Be a student of scuba

In scuba, there is always more to learn and experience. Once you have your initial certification, the possibilities are unlimited! Continue your education with the ADVANCED OPEN WATER class – five different types of dives under the supervision of an instructor that will introduce you to a variety of new opportunities. Then join a RESCUE DIVER class, where you expand on what you have already learned about preventing problems and how to manage them if they occur. Or do you have a special kind of diving you want to learn more about? Practice photography, explore wrecks and more? We offer a wide variety of SPECIALTIES for you to continue your education.

Not only do additional classes help you meet your goals as a diver, but enrolling in continuing education reinforces the basic safety principles you learned as a new diver. This becomes increasingly important as you spend more and more time underwater. Very often as humans, we tend to normalize slight deviancies. If not corrected, we may end up diving in an unsafe way. 


Advanced Open Water Diver

Since you know the basics already, this 5 dive class focuses on making you more into a confident diver. Each dive increases your buoyancy skills and gear familiarity, reviews basic planning considerations, and exposes you to new diving specialties. This is accomplished by completing Adventure Dives - dive #1 from a PADI Specialty Course. We always do a deep dive and a navigation dive. The other three are dependent on time of year and location, but there's tons to choose from!

Rescue Diver

Ok, so you now have a handle on how things work. The planning of a dive from beginning to end is a easier to comprehend now. Given your experiences on dives between the classes you have been taking you are starting to fill up your logbook with plenty of memories. You may have noted that sometimes, dives do not go exactly to plan, divers make mistakes, and slipping with dive gear on a boat is not that uncommon. The PADI Rescue Diver Class expands your "bubble of awareness" and exposes you to techniques in risk mitigation, prevention, and what to do when an injury or other accident occurs. This challenging course will have you and your classmates roleplaying various types of divers in distress (unconscious as well as conscious) at the surface and below. Your experiences here could help save someone's life!

Specialty Classes

The huge range of PADI Specialty Classes is proof that the opportunities in scuba are endless! If your interest was piqued in your Advanced Open Water Diver Class about a particular type of diving, such as underwater photography or wreck diving, then get back into it here! Your instructor will go into much more detail surrounding dive planning, equipment, and other specific techniques required to improve your skills in a particular specialty class.