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LAKE PHOENIX Diving in Virginia

Lake Phoenix

Divers of all experience levels can find a good time underwater at Lake Phoenix. With plenty to see, warmer water than other local sites, and a full service dive center on location, what's more to want? 


Temperature and turbidity range depending on the time of year and depth. Maxing out at around 60' deep, the temperature rarely gets above 60 degrees down here. However, in the summer months, surface temperatures can reach the mid 80s.  Most divers will find that using a dry suit will offer the most comfortable way to explore everything this site has to offer. Wetsuits can be used, depending on your personal thermal characteristics, but only in the warmest months of the year, can most divers explore above 40' in a 3 mm suit. 


There are tons of underwater attractions at Lake Phoenix! Impossible to see them all on a single dive (unless using the fastest DPV), they range from a Black Hawk helicopter, school bus, computer graveyard, basketball court, and even a campsite with campfire! These are best reached by using a combination of underwater compass, natural navigation as well as planning your dive based on the dive site map.


The dive shop at Lake Phoenix offers a full range of scuba gear for rent. Air and Nitrox fills are available. The numerous camp sites do not need to be reserved ahead of time, but in the warmer months, it is always a good idea to check first! There are also concesssions available on site.


Sitting 164 miles away from Blue Planet Scuba, the trip takes about 3 hours depending on traffic. Be sure to watch your speed, as the State Troopers are very actice. Google Map Directions


Hotels in Petersburg, VA are your best bet if you are not a fan of camping or the weather is inclement. For dinner, we suggest Wabi Sabi or Trapezium Brewing

Forms Needed for Entrance

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