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BECOMING A DIVE PRO Share your experience with others!

Is this more than just a hobby for you?

All of us here at Blue Planet have felt exactly what you are feeling right now. You've clicked on this page not because all of your dive training has been easy, or all of your dives have gone exactly to plan, or weather has never impacted your trip, nor any other of a number of things that can make becoming a confident and compentent not a straight path. No, you're probably clicked on this page because all of the lessons, the anecdotes, the tips, and the gear (how can we forget about the gear?!) have made you into a diver that no book can describe and helping someone else experience that seems to be an amazing possibility! 

Instructor Developement Center

As a PADI 5* IDC, we are at the pinncale of diver education. By offering a wide array of courses,


Divers Alert Network (DAN)

DAN Education fulfills a key element of the DAN Mission by educating the diving public and the medical profession on the appropriate care for divers injured in dive accidents. This education takes on many forms, disseminating information on topics related to dive safety through articles, reports, seminars, lectures and training programs.