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This light is nicknamed the “Black Molly V” and is a perfect light for underwater photo/video divers. With a 120-degree beam and an illuminated power switch/battery indicator, this light boasts awesome lumen strength and increased efficiency. The Black… - Read More

US$ 339.99

This combo pack is the perfect collection of lights for general purpose diving, with bright primary and back up lights, along with a tank light with color choices! While the photo shows the NP1200 Combo pack, this is in fact the brand-new NP1300… - Read More

US$ 199.99

One filter is not enough. We've made thousands of dives to determine the best filter formulas for all diving depths. This 3 Filter Kit is your simple solution for the perfect color. Flip between any 2 filters on the same dive with the touch of a finger.… - Read More

US$ 199.00

Identify the Lobsters, crabs, shrimps, jellies, sponges, tunicates and mollusks that inhabit the reefs of Florida, the Caribbean and Bahamas. The Reef Creature Identification now includes 900 species beautifully documented in more than 1200… - Read More

US$ 44.95

The long-awaited, 500-page reference detailing 1,600 animals with 2,000 photographs and descriptive text is not only the most comprehensive visual field guide to marine invertebrate life inhabiting the waters from Thailand to Tahiti, but also a pictorial… - Read More

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Exactly 20 years after the publication of the 1st edtiion, New World Publications is releasing a new, updated and enlarged 2nd edition of Reef Fish Behavior – Florida Caribbean Bahamas. The new, 448-page edition includes 588 photos, emphasizes reef… - Read More

US$ 49.95

The Reef Fish Identification now includes 683 species beautifully documented in more than 1000 underwater photographs. This book features 89 new fish species and more than 200 new photos, representing a significant update to the 2002 3rd edition.… - Read More

US$ 44.95

New World Publications
Reef Fish ID Tropical Pacific

The book features more than 200 additional species, hundreds of improved photos, scientific name changes and range extensions. The popular field guide contains the most current and comprehensive information available for divers, naturalists and aquarists… - Read More

US$ 48.00