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Aware Week 2021

Conservation HTallent 21 Aug, 2021

It’s that time of year again...AWARE Week is right around the corner! Taking place 18-26 September 2021, the fourth annual AWARE Week is an opportunity for divers around the world to take local action for global impact.

PADI, together with the newly announced and publicly funded global charity PADI AWARE Foundation™, aim to take existing programs - Vulnerable Species Protection and Marine Debris - to the next level, while building on our leadership in marine conservation by tackling other, equally important marine conservation issues including Climate Change, Marine Protected Areas and Coral Reefs.  

In honor of AWARE Week 2021, we have an exciting lineup of events to help YOU get more involved! Whether you want to learn about marine debris and get involved with a clean up, attend a Project AWARE class or learn all about shark conservation, we have something for you. 

AWARE Week Events

Here is the current schedule of events for AWARE Week -- sign up today! And be sure to check back frequently for more updates!

  • Saturday, September 18 - Rock Creek Cleanup
    Join Blue Planet and the Rock Creek Conservancy for the International Coastal Cleanup! We'll be removing trash from our favorite National Park and keeping local waterways free of debris. 

  • Sunday, September 19 - Dive Against Debris @ Sandy Point State Park (classroom session for this meets over Zoom on Thursday, September 16)
    It's one thing to pick up trash you see on a dive. But how can you use that data to have a greater impact? And do you know what you can remove safely versus what you should leave to a pro? Join our next Dive Against Debris specialty course to learn how to plan your own cleanup events!

  • Tuesday, September 21 - AWARE Shark Conservation Diver
    Learn more about why so many sharks species are threatened or endangered and what divers can do about it. We'll also discuss shark tourism and how different operators can help or hurt local shark populations. Complete the Shark Conservation Diver specialty on our trip to North Carolina September 23-26!

  • Thursday, September 23 - Project AWARE Specialty 
    How do you impact the ocean -- both positively and negatively -- as a diver? Develop your very own action plan to make a difference every day and with every dive during this specialty course. Keep AWARE Week going all year long! 

What are others ways you can make a difference as a diver? 

  • Take the Green Fins Diver e-Course
    This new online course teaches scuba divers how to prevent diving-related damage to coral reefs by following the highest environmental standards, as set out by the Green Fins initiative.

  • Tips for Planning an Eco-Minded Dive Trip

    As divers, we are often more aware of issues impacting the ocean and coastal communities. Understanding what makes a dive site and its local residents healthy and stable is important when planning your next eco-minded dive trip. Here are some of the things we look for when we’re planning a trip.

  • Shop sustainably!
    There are tons of great products now to help you reduce single-use plastics, given new life to discarded items and keep toxic chemicals off our bodies and out of marine ecosystems. Some of our favorites include Stream2Sea reef-safe sunscreens and these bamboo utensil sets.

  • Become a PADI Torchbearer
    Join the growing community of ocean advocates taking action above and below the surface. As a Torchbearer you'll receive the latest conservation news, actions and tips for divers.

  • Keep learning!
    When you continue your dive education and training, you only become a better diver. AND you support conservation efforts when you do it with us! As a 100% AWARE Partner dive center, we make a donation to the PADI AWARE Foundation for every certification we issue. That means you also get a special AWARE card!

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